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Welcome to Garage Door Magic – your premier garage door contractor! We've been serving Fort Worth, Texas, homeowners with top-of-the-line garage door services for over 30 years.

One of the most common problems we see with garage doors is damage to the cables that help it operate. Wear and tear, improper installation, or accidents can all contribute to frayed or broken cables. In some cases, a cable can snap, which can be especially dangerous. In any of these cases, professional repair is necessary.

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Garage Door Cable Problems

Garage door cables are essential components of a garage door system and are responsible for lifting and lowering the door smoothly. Over time the cables can wear out or become damaged, which can result in serious problems with the operation of your garage door. Some of the most common problems that garage door cables suffer from include:

  • Corrosion or rust: Corrosion and rust can damage the cables over time and cause them to snap or break. This problem is more common in areas with high humidity or near saltwater.

  • Worn-out or frayed cables: Constant use and wear over time can cause the cables to become worn out and even fray. This reduces their strength and can lead to snapping.

  • Incorrect tension: If the cables are not adjusted properly, they may become too loose or tight, which can affect the performance of your garage door system.

  • Cable off the drum: A common issue is when the cable becomes unwound from the drum.

  • Misaligned or damaged drum: If the drum is damaged or misaligned, it can affect the movement of the cables and cause problems with the garage door opening and closing.

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When a cable fails in your overhead door system, it can be a symptom of underlying issues that must be addressed. Replacing garage door cables on your own can be dangerous, and unless the root of the problem is identified and resolved, any future problems can become even more serious. Furthermore, garage doors rely on a counterbalance system, which can be challenging for many DIYers to repair.

Plus, who wants the extra hassle of dealing with this issue when your go-to garage door experts are only a call away? So don't deal with a faulty cable on your own; contact Garage Door Magic and let the experts take care of the problem for you!

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Professionals in Garage Cable Repair

Here at Garage Door Magic, we take garage door cable repair very seriously. It’s important to us that your garage door is functioning safely, smoothly, and reliably. That’s why we provide a comprehensive inspection, diagnostics, and repair service to ensure that your garage door cables are in top condition.

Whether you need an urgent cable repair or you want to schedule a maintenance visit to prevent breakdowns, Garage Door Magic is here to help. We offer an array of repair, replacement, and maintenance services for all types of garage doors.

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Why Choose Our Experienced Team?

Choosing a trustworthy and experienced garage door service is an important decision for homeowners. At Garage Door Magic, we provide top-tier repair services and reliable solutions to meet your needs. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose our team for your garage door needs:

  • Expertise and Experience: We have the tools, equipment, and resources necessary to quickly diagnose and fix any issue your garage door system may have.

  • Safety: Our team places a high priority on safety. Garage door systems can be dangerous to work on, but our experienced technicians know how to work safely around heavy doors and powerful springs.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer high-quality solutions at reasonable prices, preventing you from having to pay for expensive emergency repairs down the line.

  • Reliable Resources: Our team exclusively uses high-quality, dependable parts for all our repairs.

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Whether you need a garage door cable repair or another garage door service, our team is here to help! Contact our Fort Worth team today, and we'll make sure your garage door system is in top condition.

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