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What to Do When Your Garage Door Sensor Isn't Working

Having a functioning garage door sensor is crucial for the safety and reliability of your garage door. However, if your garage door sensor isn't working properly, it can be frustrating and pose potential risks. As the leading garage door contractor serving the Dallas-Fort Worth region, Garage Door Magic is here to provide you with a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting and addressing common issues with garage door sensors.

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1. Check for Obstructions

As the local Fort Worth garage door service experts, we advise you to inspect the area around the garage door sensors for any obstacles. Dust, dirt, or debris can obstruct the sensors and interfere with their proper functioning. Carefully clean the sensors using a soft cloth to ensure they are clear and unobstructed.

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2. Verify Sensor Alignment

Proper alignment of the garage door sensors is crucial for their optimal performance. At Garage Door Magic, we recommend ensuring that the sensors are facing each other directly and that their indicator lights are illuminated. If needed, adjust the sensors by gently moving them until they are correctly aligned.

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3. Clean the Sensor Eyes

Over time, the sensor eyes located at the bottom of the sensors can accumulate dirt and smudges, affecting their effectiveness. Our garage door technicians suggest cleaning the sensor eyes using a soft cloth, ensuring they are free from any residue or debris that may hinder their operation.

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4. Check Wiring Connections

Inspect the wiring connections of the garage door sensors. Ensure that they are securely connected and free from any damage. If you find any loose or damaged wires, repair or replace them as needed.

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5. Test the Sensors

To verify the functionality of your garage door sensors, activate the garage door and observe the sensor lights. Both lights should illuminate when the door is closing. Any indication of one or both lights not functioning or blinking requires further attention. In such cases, refer to your garage door's manual for specific troubleshooting instructions or contact our professional team at Garage Door Magic for dependable assistance.

Ensuring that your garage door sensors are in proper working order is essential for the safety and reliable operation of your garage door system. By following the troubleshooting steps provided by Garage Door Magic, your trusted Dallas-Fort Worth garage door repair company, you can address common garage door sensor issues effectively. If the problem persists or if you prefer professional assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team.

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